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Public Speaking by Peter Yost 

Bring the expertise and passion of Building-Wright to your next event! Peter Yost has been a featured speaker at dozens of events, including:

I address topics related to:

  • Building science
  • Building materials
  • Building codes
  • Building durability and risk management
  • Energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality
  • High performance renovation
  • How Buildings Work (for homeowners as well as building professionals)

A focus on dynamic workshops
Building-Wright provides keynotes for regional industry conferences, but our main focus is professional gatherings where we offer an interactive workshop experience. No matter what size the audience, Peter consistently inspires meaningful ongoing conversations.

Contact Peter to learn more about our Public Speaking services.

Engineering Services Available… 

Design/Spec Review
Building Assessments / Investigations
Technical Writing
Teach / Train
Research and Testing
Building Science
Public Speaking

About Peter Yost...

Peter is the person you turn to if you want to truly understand how buildings work: their design specification, construction, performance assessment and more.  Building-Wright is where you will learn from Peter.  Enjoy!