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Public Speaking by Peter Yost 

Bring the expertise and passion of BuildingGreen to your next event! Our appearances are frequently noted as “best of” at large conventions like Greenbuild, Living Future, and the AIA Convention, and our speakers are sought after for leadership events organized by corporations, nonprofits, and trade associations.

I address topics related to:

  • Health and sustainability in building strategies
  • Green product selection
  • Climate change
  • Resilient design
  • LEED and other green rating systems
  • Teambuilding in the design and construction process
  • Overcoming inertia in moving organizations forward

A Focus on dynamic workshops
BuildingGreen’s speakers provide keynotes for regional industry conferences, but our main focus is professional gatherings where we offer an interactive workshop experience. No matter what size the audience, our speakers consistently inspire meaningful ongoing conversations.

You’ll get more than just a speech:

  • Tap into our network: BuildingGreen can act as a media partner and co-promoter, alerting our extensive community of sustainability professionals to important events.
  • A fresh perspective: You needn’t worry that your audience heard the same canned speech at a competing event. Our goal is to teach, inspire, and impart new tools, which means we don’t just recycle last year’s slides. Before every appearance, we work with organizers to understand who will be there and how we can customize the presentation to their needs.
  • Going deeper: After the speech we love to stick around and work in small groups or focused workshops to help participants deepen their understanding and try out specific tools. Pre- or post-event webinars are another great way to build interest and add value.
  • Added value: With our unrivaled library of in-depth articles, special reports, and study guides, we offer audiences take-home reading that reinforces their learning.
    Continuing education: As USGBC, AIA, and ILFI education partners, we are able to offer CEUs for our live events for key professional credentials.

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Published Blog Arcitles:

Beauty goes more than skin-deep for high performance buildings. I work with architects and builders to achieve designs and materials that result in buildings tuned to their climate and site, successfully managing the elements for durable enclosures, comfortable and safe interiors.  Click here to learn more.

Getting new buildings to work right is easy compared to understanding and then changing existing buildings, especially ones you know are not working right. I have a system for assessing old buildings, then using building science to make sure that what we do to them makes them work better, not worse. Click here to learn more.

Since completing my Master’s Thesis in 1993, a big part of my life has been technical writing related to building performance. From blogs to investigation summaries, from building product installation manuals to multi-year government project reports, I have honed my writing to be clear, concise, accurate. Click here to learn more.

I have developed curriculum for and taught building performance to high school trade students, graduate students in architecture and environmental management, and every type of building professionals you can imagine: engineers, architects, construction managers, code officials, trade contractors, and even a few bankers along the way. I tailor my materials to the length of the course and keep engagement high no matter who the participants are. Click here to learn more.

Most testing done in the building industry is done in labs under carefully prescribed and controlled environments, having NOTHING to do with what takes place in the real world. I work with building industry professionals and product manufacturers to develop field service life prediction testing under jobsite conditions. It’s testing where the rubber hits the road.  Click here to learn more.