Hygrothermal building assessment – available as a pdf!

Over the last 20 years or so, I have revised many times the building assessment form I use. I decided to post it to my website as a pdf download for anyone to use.

The first 5 pages make up the items to consider/complete. The next 3 pages are references/resources for each of the line items in the form.

I use this form in one way or the other on every building assessment I conduct. Sometimes I simply use it as a cue or checklist to make sure I have done a complete assessment and other times I complete the form; depends on the project.

Let me know if you find this resource useful or what your own approach looks like.


Building-Wright is… 

It’s me Peter Yost; I made it up. But it captures pretty much everything that I do: analyze, review, research, investigate, and teach about buildings and how they work…or sometimes don’t work.