Peter Yost

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral (Part II)

An environmental microscopist’s perspective In part I of this blog, we looked at some puzzling examples of unidentified substances from buildings I have investigated over the years and discussed how sometimes it is challenging to determine whether what looks like something that is growing on various surfaces of buildings is actually alive, dead, or neither. …

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First Look at Tstuds

Does this new wall truss one-up double-stud walls and continuous exterior insulation? High-performance exterior walls typically handle thermal bridging at framing members in one of two ways—either the building is wrapped in some thickness of continuous rigid insulation outside of the sheathing or the home is framed with staggered, double-stud walls. Each of these two …

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Pete’s Products: ThermalBuck

Is ThermalBuck a face-sealed or a water-managed window installation system — or a little of both? ThermalBuck inventor John Brooks is a very clever, passionate building professional who is job-site savvy. He saw a weak component of high-performance walls: wood window bucks in exterior walls with exterior rigid insulation. His ThermalBuck system virtually eliminates that …

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